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Our food truck menu

Empanada de carne

Empanada de carne

Dumplings with minced meat filling
Empanada de Pollo

Empanada de Pollo

Dumplings with chicken filling
Empanada Vegana

Empanada Vegana

Dumplings with vegan filling
Empanada Vegetariana

Empanada Vegetariana

Dumplings with vegetarian filling
Paco Caliente

Paco Caliente

Fried chorizo sausage with salsa in a roll


1) with colorants
2) with preservatives
3) with antioxidants
4) with flavor enhancer
5) with sulphur dioxide
6) blackened
7) with phosphate
8) with milk protein
9) Caffeinated
10) Contains quinine
11) with sweeteners
12) contains phenylalanine source
13) waxed
14) with nitite curing salt
15) genetically modified
16) with tartrazine (can affect children’s activity and attention)


A) Eggs
B) Fish
C) Crustaceans
D) Milk
E) Celery
F) Sesame seeds
G) Sulphur dioxide and sulphites
H) Peanuts
I) Cereals containing gluten
I.1) Wheat
I.2) Rye
I.3) Barley
I.4) Oats
I.5) Spelt
I.6) Kamut
J) Lupine
K) Nuts
K.1) Almonds
K.2) Hazelnuts
K.3) Walnuts
K.4) Cashew nuts
K.5) Pecan nuts
K.6) Pistachios
K.7) Macadamia nuts
K.8) Queensland nuts
L) Mustard
M) Soybeans
N) Molluscs
S) Traces of nuts

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