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Live & Show Cooking Munich

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With show cooking to the mega event

Reliable. Delicious. Authentic. Individual.

Do you want to offer your guests an unforgettable experience? Live cooking is a real highlight that touches the senses. Experience together with your guests how exquisite dishes are created from high-quality, fresh ingredients.

At this event – also known as front cooking or show cooking – we put the focus on cooking, grilling or baking. You and your guests become part of the cooking process and experience first-hand how the food is prepared. This interactive and emotional atmosphere allows me to share my enthusiasm for cooking directly. It’s not just a feast for the palate – the fascinating preparation results in a delicious culinary experience.

Live cooking adds life and variety to any event. It is suitable for practically any type of event for which you would normally plan catering, a restaurant or a buffet:

  • Both small and large celebrations
  • Casual get-togethers and special occasions
  • Weddings
  • Company parties
  • Family celebrations
  • Anniversaries





Gluten free

Drinks on commission



Gluten free

Drinks on commission

Incorporating live cooking as a show element of your event is a fantastic surprise that will liven up any event, even if announced in advance. It is an exciting alternative to conventional catering or a buffet:

  • Live cooking with me is a real experience.

  • It provides fascinating insights into the artistry of professional chefs.

  • Show cooking creates a luxurious ambience.

  • It stimulates all your guests’ senses and turns the meal into a multi-sensory pleasure.

Live cooking in Munich – a feast for the senses

Live Cooking stands for culinary delights. Your guests visit the cooking station or the barbecue area and watch how their desired dishes are individually prepared.

The use of fresh ingredients creates a magical atmosphere that stimulates all the senses. Guests not only experience their food visually and in terms of taste, but are also enveloped by the scent of fine aromas. Observing professional cooking processes transforms this experience into a true experience of happiness for many connoisseurs.

Our show cooking menu

Boquerones fritos

Boquerones fritos

Deep-fried anchovies


Spanish shortbread with chocolate sauce
Paco Caliente

Paco Caliente

Fried chorizo sausage with salsa in a roll
Paco Caliente Vegana

Paco Caliente Vegana

Roasted vegan chorizo with salsa in bread rolls

Churros Live
Cooking Munich

Delicious, delicious churros that are made right before your eyes!

Our churro masters conjure up crispy, golden-brown delicacies that will enchant your guests in no time at all. Imagine the smell of freshly baked churros in the air as our bakers dip the dough in hot oil and turn it into delicious churros before your eyes. And the best thing about it? You can watch and choose the right dip – chocolate, caramel or perhaps vanilla?

Logo of the catering service Pia y Pablo Catering Munich

We offer customized live cooking and show cooking solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs and ideas. From customized menu planning to flawless execution on the day of your event, our professional team is on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly.

We at Pia y Pablo Catering Munich look forward to making your event a complete culinary success.

What sets us apart:

Pleasure and variety

With high-quality & fresh ingredients, we conjure up meals with something for everyone

All handmade

All dishes are handmade or homemade and ensure that every event has a personal touch.

Individual offers

Customized offers that are tailored to your individual wishes.

SERVICE is a top priority!

We attach great importance to customer service and stand for direct and open communication.

99% customer satisfaction

We are proud of our 99% customer satisfaction rate and are constantly improving our service.


We work reliably and have a keen eye for quality and punctuality.

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    Difference between live cooking and show cooking

    Live Cooking:

      • Live cooking involves the preparation of food in real time, often close to the guests, for example at an open kitchen in a restaurant or at a special cooking station at an event.
      • The focus is on the fresh preparation of the food, with guests often having the opportunity to choose how their dishes are prepared or seasoned.
      • The direct contact between chef and guest makes it possible to fulfill specific wishes and offer an interactive experience.

    Show Cooking:

        • Show cooking places more emphasis on the presentation and entertainment aspect of cooking.
        • Chefs put on a real show here, using special skills and presentation techniques to emphasize the preparation of the dishes.
        • It is often used at special events, trade fairs or in high-class restaurants to offer a special experience that goes beyond the mere preparation of food.

    Show Cooking in Munich

    Show cooking is similar to live cooking: our professional chefs stand in a fully equipped kitchen and prepare selected dishes while explaining cooking techniques and the process, creating a relaxed atmosphere. The preparation magically attracts guests and they often feel irresistibly drawn to it.

    Show cooking is not just about watching: Culinary expertise and authentic hands-on experience of how professional chefs work. A particular highlight is the direct exchange with the guests, which often leads to heartfelt conversations.

    We offer show cooking for small groups up to several hundred people, both in Munich and the surrounding area. It is particularly popular for the following occasions:

    • As a trade fair chef for trade fair appearances
    • For product presentations
    • Private events such as weddings
    • Company anniversaries
    • Publicly staged cooking shows

    Front Cooking Munich

    Front cooking is another term for live cooking and refers to cooking directly in front of the guests, who experience the preparation of fresh ingredients up close and personal. This provides an inspiring moment that participants are guaranteed to remember!

    The choice of dishes for your event depends entirely on your ideas. Whether traditional Spanish dishes, vegetarian options or fresh from the grill – just let us know your wishes and we will get in touch with you!

    Here’s what you can expect from a live cooking event with us:

    Our passionate and professional chefs love being the center of attention and interacting with guests. Even under the gaze of many people, they know their trade. You can look forward to an unforgettable evening or afternoon during which we will delight your guests with our culinary skills.

    To ensure that everything runs smoothly, it is important that we discuss your ideas in detail in advance. Ideally, the choice of dishes should match the overall concept of your event. An easily accessible cooking station is also an advantage so that your guests can relax and watch me cook.

    Our offer for live cooking and grill catering is extensive and varied. We adapt to your wishes and offer various options:

    We prepare the main courses, while snacks and desserts are served as a buffet. We set up various cooking stations as required, where we prepare vegetarian, savory or sweet dishes. The desserts are also created by us personally.

    We are happy to take care of the barbecue for an extended barbecue. In cooperation with qualified service personnel, we also put together complete menus.

    Look forward to a culinary experience that your guests will not soon forget!

    Frequently asked questions


    What can you expect from us when cooking and barbecuing in front of guests?

    • Professionalism: We make every move count! Even if we have to improvise, your guests will be delighted with our dishes.
    • Perfect planning: We plan the dishes with you and put together recipes. We take care of the ingredients, set-up and process. Thanks to our many years of experience as professional chefs, you can expect us to work with absolute precision!
    • Exquisite food: We became professional chefs for a good reason: delicious food and its preparation are our passion! With us, you and your guests can see, taste, smell and experience real culinary art.
    • Good mood: As cheerful Munich natives, we bring a good mood to every event. We are happy to get in touch with your guests and share our knowledge of the ingredients and preparation.
    • Cleanliness and hygiene: During live cooking, we make sure that the cooking station remains attractive. We ourselves naturally pay attention to a well-groomed appearance. It goes without saying that we comply with all hygiene standards.

    What requirements should be met for live cooking?

    • Live station: We cook and grill flexibly at almost any location on request. For live and show cooking, a clearly visible location is advantageous. Depending on the location, a cooking station near the buffet, at the barbecue or directly in front of the guests’ seats is a good idea so that they can watch the food being prepared.
    • Cleanliness: When cooking, grilling or baking, we increase the anticipation of a delicious meal. However, this can quickly fade if the cooking station looks unsightly. The cooking area should therefore be visually appealing and clean.
    • Possible service staff: Depending on the size of the event, it is important for us to have professional service staff. This not only takes care of the guests’ needs during front cooking, but also ensures that hygiene and cleanliness are maintained.
    • Equipment: Electricity and water are required as a minimum.