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Churros Munich

Authentic, fresh & absolutely delicious!


Our churros are so sinful that even angels get weak!

Freshly prepared on site – Churros Live Cooking.

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Do you want your party to be an absolute hit? Then we are the right people for you! Whether it’s a wedding, business event, private party or any other occasion – we provide your celebration with delicious churros and matching drinks.

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Welcome to Pia y Pablo.

Fancy a customized churros live cooking session in Munich? We make sure that your event becomes a sinfully delicious temptation! From personalized menu planning to perfect execution on the day of the sweet sin, our professional team at Pia y Pablo is on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly and deliciously.

We look forward to making your event a complete culinary success and catapulting your guests into churros heaven!


Why handmade, you ask? Because only in this way can every churro achieve the perfect combination of crispy and fluffy, which simply tastes heavenly. Our dough is freshly prepared every day and skillfully shaped – no industrial uniformity, but authentic craftsmanship!


Each churro is lovingly shaped and deep-fried until golden brown, until it gets its irresistible crust. This artisan touch not only ensures the best taste, but also that inimitable texture that you simply have to experience.

Simply delicious

Experience the wonderful world of handmade churros and let our team inspire you. Because with us, it’s not just love that goes through the stomach, but also a good portion of fun and enjoyment!

What sets us apart:

Pleasure and variety

With high-quality & fresh ingredients, we conjure up meals with something for everyone

All handmade

All dishes are handmade or homemade and ensure that every event has a personal touch.

Individual offers

Customized offers that are tailored to your individual wishes.

SERVICE is a top priority!

We attach great importance to customer service and stand for direct and open communication.

99% customer satisfaction

We are proud of our 99% customer satisfaction rate and are constantly improving our service.


We work reliably and have a keen eye for quality and punctuality.

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    What are churros? Churros are a traditional Spanish pastry made from deep-fried dough and served in the form of sticks or spirals. They are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, often sprinkled with sugar and can be served with various dips such as chocolate sauce or caramel.

    Are churros vegan? There are vegan churros vegan. However, many recipes contain animal products such as butter or milk. We primarily offer vegetarian churros. Please contact us for a vegan version.

    Are churros gluten-free? Classic churros are not gluten-free as they contain wheat flour. We are currently experimenting with gluten-free options prepared with special gluten-free flour blends to ensure that people with gluten intolerance can also enjoy our churros. However, we don’t yet have them in our range because their taste differs too much from our classic churros.

    Which dips go well with churros? The most popular dips for churros are chocolate sauce and caramel. We also offer other variations such as Nutella, vanilla sauce or fruity dips. Our catering options include a selection of different dips to suit your taste.

    What is the shelf life of churros? Fresh churros taste best the same day they are prepared. However, they can be kept for some time if they are stored in an airtight container. In order to guarantee an authentic taste experience, we produce churros exclusively on site, for direct consumption.

    Can churros also be ordered for events and parties? Yes, we offer customized churros live cooking services for weddings, corporate parties, birthday parties and other events. Our team ensures that your guests are spoiled with fresh, handmade churros.

    What additional services do you offer? In addition to churros, we also offer a wide selection of Spanish dishes and can cater for special dietary requirements, such as vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free food. Our aim is to make your event perfect and offer your guests an unforgettable experience. We also offer drinks on commission.

    How can I place an order? You can contact us by phone or e-mail for individual advice and a quote. We look forward to making your event a culinary highlight.

    Where do you source your ingredients from? We attach great importance to quality and source our ingredients from trustworthy suppliers. Our flours, oils and other ingredients are carefully selected to ensure that our churros are always fresh and delicious.