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Vegetarian! – In hot, spicy, mild & sweet.
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Our vegetarian catering options for Munich and the surrounding area

Diverse. Delicious. Meat-free.

Our dedicated team in Munich prides itself on offering unique vegetarian catering experiences. With a special focus on Spanish cuisine, we bring passion and creativity to every vegetarian dish that our customers request.

We are convinced that vegetarian food not only offers added health benefits, but can also be tasty, varied and creative. Our menu presents a wide range of vegetarian creations that touch and delight all the senses.

Whether it’s for business occasions, private celebrations or special events – our experienced team in Munich will ensure that your event remains an unforgettable memory with our exquisite, plant-based dishes.





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Examples of our vegetarian dishes

Paella veggi

A delicious vegetarian paella packed with colorful vegetables and aromatic spices that promises a rich and satisfying taste experience.

Empanada veggi

Empanadas, bursting with fresh vegetables and aromatic herbs, offer an irresistibly delicious and filling taste experience.

Chocolate cake

A heavenly vegetarian chocolate cake, rich and sumptuous, combined with the finest cocoa flavors. Juicy consistency and the deep chocolatey taste.


Vegetarian natillas, tender and creamy, refined with a hint of vanilla. This classic dessert enchants with its light sweetness, ideal for a fine end to any meal.


Small, roasted peppers with a sweet and smoky aroma, ideal as part of a tapas selection.

Paco caliente vegetariano

A warming vegetarian paco caliente, artfully prepared with a variety of fresh vegetables and finely balanced spices. A hearty taste experience.

Crispy avocado

Crispy avocado, masterfully breaded and fried golden brown, served as a delicious snack or side dish, tempting with its buttery center and crispy exterior.


Discover more delicious dishes on our menu.

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At our vegetarian catering service in Munich, we recognize the importance of a vegetarian lifestyle, which is far more than just a dietary choice. It is particularly important to us to offer you a comprehensive range of vegetarian catering that is sustainable, healthy, creative and tasty.

Our professional kitchen team in Munich also specializes in creating dishes made from plant-based ingredients, taking vegetarian preferences into account. We attach great importance to ensuring that our ingredients are not only fresh and local, but also of high quality. Our varied vegetarian menu, from elegant starters to hearty main courses and tempting desserts, is designed to suit every taste.

What sets us apart:

Pleasure and variety

With high-quality & fresh ingredients, we conjure up meals with something for everyone

All handmade

All dishes are handmade or homemade and ensure that every event has a personal touch.

Individual offers

Customized offers that are tailored to your individual wishes.

SERVICE is a top priority!

We attach great importance to customer service and stand for direct and open communication.

99% customer satisfaction

We are proud of our 99% customer satisfaction rate and are constantly improving our service.


We work reliably and have a keen eye for quality and punctuality.

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    Does Pia y Pablo also prepare vegetarian finger food creations?

    Absolutely, at Pia y Pablo we specialize in the preparation of tempting vegetarian finger food creations, among other things. Our selection is characterized by a variety of delicious vegetarian delicacies that are suitable for any type of event. Our priority is to use fresh, first-class ingredients to create incomparable taste experiences. For individual inquiries and details about our vegetarian finger food offers, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    What types of events is Pia y Pablo’s vegetarian catering suitable for?

    We are your partner for vegetarian catering at a wide range of events. From private celebrations such as anniversaries and weddings to professional gatherings such as company parties and seminars – our wide range of catering services is tailored to the special requirements of every type of event.

    Does Pia y Pablo offer a vegetarian buffet?

    Yes, we present a comprehensive selection of vegetarian buffet options. Our buffet selection is customizable to meet the specific ideas and tastes of our clientele. Each dish is prepared with the utmost care and quality to guarantee an excellent gastronomic experience.

    Is it guaranteed that only vegetarian ingredients are used at Pia y Pablo?

    In our house Pia y Pablo we attach great importance to customer satisfaction and the customer’s wish is our command. We are committed to offering authentic vegetarian options that meet strict quality standards.

    How can I book vegetarian catering in Munich for my event with Pia y Pablo?

    To book our vegetarian catering for your event in Munich, please contact us directly. You can reach us by phone, via our contact form or by e-mail to discuss your specific wishes and requirements. We provide you with comprehensive advice and support you in finding the ideal catering for your event.

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