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Tapas Munich



Gluten-free, meat, vegan, vegetarian hot, spicy or mild.


Tapas catering for all tastes.
100% authentic & handmade!

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Discover our first-class tapas in Munich – your satisfaction is our top priority.

Whether business events, private celebrations or special occasions, we inspire with variety, top quality and absolute reliability.

Experience an unforgettable culinary tapas catering experience.





Gluten free

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Empanada de carne

Empanada de carne

Dumplings with minced meat filling
Empanada de Pollo

Empanada de Pollo

Dumplings with chicken filling
Empanada Dulce Mini

Empanada Dulce Mini

Dumplings with fruit filling
Empanada Vegana

Empanada Vegana

Dumplings with vegan filling
Empanada Vegetariana

Empanada Vegetariana

Dumplings with vegetarian filling
Filetes de Anchoas Marinadas en Alioli

Filetes de Anchoas Marinadas en Alioli

Anchovies marinated in garlic
Montaditos con carne

Montaditos con carne

Sandwiches - with ham, bacon & sausage
Montaditos Vegetarianos

Montaditos Vegetarianos

Slices of bread with vegetarian toppings

What sets us apart:

Pleasure and variety

Using fresh, high-quality ingredients, we conjure up tapas that offer something for everyone. Whether spicy, mild, vegetarian or with meat – every palate gets its money’s worth with us.

All handmade

Our tapas are lovingly handmade and homemade, and they give every event a unique and personal touch. Be inspired by our delicious creations and turn your event into an unforgettable experience!

Individual offers

Our tapas are handmade and homemade and give every event a personal touch. We offer customized packages that are precisely tailored to your individual wishes to make your event perfect.

SERVICE is a top priority!

We attach great importance to customer service and stand for direct and open communication. Our customized tapas offers are specially tailored to your individual wishes to make your event unique.

99% customer satisfaction

We are proud of our 99% customer satisfaction rate and are constantly improving our service.


We work reliably and have a keen eye for quality and punctuality.

Logo of the catering service Pia y Pablo Catering Munich

We are delighted to present you with a tapas catering offer that is healthy, varied, creative and delicious. Our team of experienced chefs creates a wide range of culinary delights in handy portions. We pay particular attention to fresh, high-quality ingredients, which we select carefully.

From sophisticated starters to varied main courses and tempting desserts – our tapas menu is designed to appeal to all tastes. You can look forward to innovative flavor combinations and an appealing presentation that your guests will remember.

Advantages of tapas



Tapas offers a huge variety of dishes to suit different tastes and dietary requirements. Hosts can easily put together a varied menu that satisfies every guest and provides culinary variety.



The small tapas portions mean that each guest can take exactly the amount they want without worrying about overeating or undereating. So everyone can decide individually how much they want to eat and try out different flavors.



Tapas are perfect for casual gatherings, parties and events as they can be eaten without cutlery. These small dishes allow guests to move around freely and enjoy the food while chatting and socializing.


Less waste

As tapas do not require cutlery or large plates, there is less waste, which is particularly practical for outdoor events. So you can not only spoil your guests, but also protect the environment.

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    FAQ – Tapas Catering in Munich

    What are the advantages of tapas catering?
    Tapas offer many advantages over normal catering. For example, no crockery is required, it is not space-bound and promotes sociability and social interaction.

    What makes our tapas special?
    The varied selection of small, delicious Spanish dishes that are perfect for parties, corporate events and private celebrations. Our tapas are freshly prepared by hand and offer a variety of flavors and diets, such as: gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, meat & seafood.

    Where do you offer tapas catering?
    Our service is available in Munich and the surrounding area. We deliver directly to your venue, be it an office, an event location or your home.

    What types of tapas do you offer?
    We offer a wide range of tapas, including traditional Spanish tapas such as Patatas Bravas, Tortilla Española, Gambas al Ajillo and many more. Our menu includes meat as well as vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. Take a look at our menu.

    Can you also accommodate special dietary requirements?
    Yes, we can accommodate special dietary requests and requirements. Please inform us in advance of any allergies, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free requests and we will adapt our menu accordingly.

    How can I place an order?
    You can place an order via our online form on our website or contact us directly by e-mail or telephone. We need some information about your event, the number of guests and your menu preferences.

    How far in advance should I book?
    We recommend submitting your request as early as possible, especially for larger events. In the case of last-minute requests, we will do our best to meet your needs, but cannot guarantee this.

    How much does tapas catering cost?
    The costs vary depending on the number of guests, choice of tapas and special requirements. Please contact us for a customized offer. We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding cost estimate.

    Do you also offer drinks?
    Yes, we offer a selection of Spanish wines and other drinks that go perfectly with our tapas. Please contact us if you also require drinks. We know from experience that guests’ thirst is difficult to gauge. We therefore offer you the option of ordering drinks on commission.

    Do you also provide staff for the event?
    On request, we can also provide you with professional service staff to take care of serving and looking after your guests.

    Can I arrange a tasting?
    Yes, we offer tastings approximately every 3 months or on request so that you can try our tapas and create your menu for the event. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

    What happens if I have to change or cancel the order?
    Changes or cancelations can be made depending on the time of your notification. Please contact us as early as possible to discuss the best options.

    How is the delivery made?
    Our delivery is punctual and reliable directly to your event location. We make sure that the tapas arrive fresh and in the best quality.

    Contact us: For further questions or to place an order, you can reach us at:

    • Phone: 01567 9065110
    • E-mail: hola@pia-y-pablo.de

    We look forward to enriching your event with our delicious tapas!