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Catering Munich Fingerfood

Large selection & variation of delicious tapas.


Vegan, vegetarian, meat, hot, spicy or mild.
Something for everyone!
100% authentic!

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Catering Munich Fingerfood – Exquisite delicacies

Welcome to our exclusive finger food catering service in Munich! Our delicious appetizers and exquisite dishes are perfect for any celebration or event.


Why is Spanish finger food catering so popular in Munich?

Our diverse range of savory and fine small delicacies will delight every taste bud. The canapés are perfect for a wide variety of tastes. From mild to hot/spicy, from meat/fish to vegetarian and vegan.

Whether you are planning a meeting, an exclusive event or a private party – our finger food catering service offers a selection of suitable snacks and small delicacies for every guest and occasion.

Our finger food selection is just the thing to turn your event into an unforgettable taste experience.


How do I choose the best catering offer for my event in Munich?

When choosing the best catering offer, it is important to consider a diverse selection of delicious food. Our finger food options offer hearty and fine delicacies that will provide your guests with an unforgettable experience.

For corporate events, we offer individual advice and a no-obligation quote to ensure that the catering offer perfectly matches your requirements and budget.

Our staff are on hand to help you put together the right menu for your event and ensure that your guests are spoiled with exquisite finger food.


What are the advantages of a finger food catering service?

Our service offers individual advice for every host to ensure that the finger food offer is perfectly tailored to your needs. We plan culinary highlights for exclusive events in Munich and the surrounding area.

In addition, we offer delicious vegan and vegetarian options to ensure that every guest can enjoy our small bites and delicacies.

Our finger food catering allows you to spoil your guests with attractively presented, bite-sized delicacies – a real culinary experience for everyone!


How can I ensure that my event with finger food catering in Munich is a complete success?

To ensure that your event is a complete success with our finger food catering in Munich, we will advise you on your event. Here we incorporate our experience and creativity in the form of suggestions. For excellent finger food in Munich, we offer a tasty selection of small bites that will enchant every palate.

Our professional service not only ensures authentic enjoyment, but also an exclusive presentation of our delicacies. With our flying buffet, we serve our appetizers on artful glasses that enhance every event.

Our finger food service in Munich offers appealing presentations and culinary highlights for your event – whether small or large!


What are the advantages of an exclusive finger food service in Munich?

Finger food is perfect for events where there is no fixed table arrangement with menu dishes, as in a restaurant. Our exclusive service in Munich offers individual planning for corporate events and private celebrations. We provide the perfect finger food delicacies.

Our bite-sized finger food creations, whether hot or cold, will delight every guest. We offer an exclusive selection of finger food and suitable menus for sophisticated events in Munich.

Our finger food service in Munich offers a diverse selection of delicious dishes and a culinary experience that will delight your guests. Contact us for a non-binding offer!


Q: What is finger food catering?

A: Finger food catering refers to the provision of small delicious bites that can be eaten without cutlery or crockery, ideal for events and corporate functions.

Q: How can I order finger food?

A: Feel free to contact us by e-mail, contact form, telephone or Whatsapp.

Q: What does the range of Spanish finger food catering in Munich include?

A: The offer includes a selection of delicious Spanish finger food specialties, from hearty tapas to fine cakes.

Q: What types of occasions are suitable for finger food catering?

A: Finger food catering is suitable for various occasions such as company events, private parties or receptions where small delicacies are to be served to provide a small but adequate meal.

Q: How much finger food should I order per guest?

A: Depending on the event, it is recommended to order about 4-8 different finger food appetizers per person to ensure a sufficient selection.

Q: Does the catering company also offer vegan finger food options?

A: Yes, we also offer a selection of vegan finger food appetizers to meet the needs of all guests.

Q: What is the maximum number of bites for finger food canapés?

A: Finger food appetizers are usually eaten in about 2 bites per piece to make them easy and uncomplicated to enjoy.

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